Saturday, July 24, 2010


The bricks are looking worse week after week!
Our brick selection is: Urban-one Silver from Australbricks.

We've seen houses finished with the same bricks and the colour expected is a light grey... We have an ugly orangy yuky thing..... What the?!

We already raised the issue last week, and our SS should come back to us on the issue.
We're just back from the house, and we think it's getting worse!!!

Certainly not the look we were after... We'll see next week what the builder think about it.

Les briques ne sont pas de la bonne couleur, on dirait qu'il y a une decoloration. On attendait un gris clair uniforme et on se retrouve avec une maison avec un ton orange!!
On a averti le constructeur qu'on eatait pas content...on va voir la semaine prochaine ce qu'ils en disent...
En tous les cas, nous on n'aime pas!


Inside the house, it's getting busy... Staircase and kitchen are being installed.
We can't get in the house anymore, so the pics are from outside!!

A l'interieur ca bouge pas mal, ils sont en train d'installer les escaliers et la cuisine...
On est maintenant enfermes dehors, pas simple pour prendre les photos...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


A falcon looking after our house... (27 june 2010)
Un faucon qui garde la maison (27 juin 2010)

Roof is all done, which is good! No more stress just because it's raining!
Cladding is up, eaves are done.

Bricks are not looking very good...We'll have to check if it's normal...

Les briques ne sont pas tres jolies, on dirait que la couleur n'est pas uniforme, faudra qu'on demande pourquoi...

Insulation is up...
Glasswool under roof, Rockwool anywhere else including between the 2 floors.

Isolation est installee, laine de verre sous le toit et laine de roche ailleurs, meme entre les 2 etages.
Electrical is done, and our data points installed at the last minute...
Thank you Wisdom for letting us make some last minute changes!!!

Circuit electrique est fait...

Cladding close up

Well, 2 weeks ago I was a bit frustrated with Wisdom and their communication.
I sent an email to management explaining my concerns, and ............
Things have improved, we had a good meeting with our SS who is a nice bloke.
They have answered my questions and will fix what needs to be fixed (including those 2 windows not double glazed).
They have allowed us to make some last minute changes:
add more lights, add the coffit ceilling (which we removed before), add some data points all over the house (at the last minute)..
So, yes, at the moment, we are very happy with Wisdom and how management has responded to our concerns....all good :-)